UniZG’s online training activity just ended

UniZG’s online training activity just ended

From April 19 to 22, the University of Zagreb organised Geo3En’s third online training activity.

There will be six ULS students will be selected to participate to these activities.

On the week agenda:

– 19 April 2022: Introduction to power engineering /Technical thermodynamics /Power plant operation

– 20 April 2022: Turbines and fluid machinery/ Geothermal power/DMS-TOUGE (a MATLAB-based tool and open-access standalone application that estimates different important economic indices for a defined geothermal scenario, provides multi criteria decision making analysis and facilitates the decision-making process)

– 21 April 2022: Electric machines, generators and transformers/Transmission and distribution of electric energy

– 22 April 2022: Heat exchangers and heat pumps/High voltage technology


The  last Geo3En’s online training activity will be organised by Reykjavik University from June 13th to June 17th.