The Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle (UniLaSalle) is a French private higher education institution (‘Grande école’) in the fields of life, earth and environmental sciences.

UniLaSalle community has been an innovator in both earth and life sciences. UniLaSalle disciplines, which include agriculture, the food industry, food & health, geology, and environmental studies, prepare our students – as future entrepreneurs – to face the social issues and environmental challenges of tomorrow’s world.

UniLaSalle approach to research is unique in the sense that it believe in concrete solutions and in bridging the gap between fundamental and applied research. This ambition has driven its choice to favor projects specific to its establishment which are led by research lecturers from UniLaSalle’s faculty. This means that each academic specialization we offer is backed up by an extensive research program that focuses on some of today’s major issues. It’s this quest for excellence and pragmatism, combined with a work ethic centered on collaboration that defines our research.

UniLaSalle aims to offer the best teaching practices and research capabilities, by providing a demanding curriculum that incorporates the latest advances in knowledge. UniLaSalle consolidates theoretical learning through close links with the world of industry and business.

UniLaSalle’s links with the business community offer key advantages. UniLaSallecan adapt our programs to socio-economic demands and change. UniLaSalle’s students are given a clearer idea of their career options and can be more easily productive in their first job. UniLaSalle’s Alumni are managers, recognized for their all-round excellence, and their leadership and team-building qualities.

UniLaSalle has the objective to train competent engineers, aware of tomorrow’s challenges and equipped with the necessary knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills to tackle them. By fostering the values of respect and commitment and a sense of community, UniLaSalle aims to train responsible young people with a broad outlook on the world around them and a sustainable.


  • Founded in 1854
  • 3 150 French and international students
  • 4 campuses : Beauvais, Rouen, Rennes and Amiens
  • 18 000 alumni
  • 330 staff members
  • 500 external lecturers from industry
  • UniLaSalle offers 20 degree programs
  • 12 research platforms on agricultural, nutritional, geological and environmental
  • Member of the leading worldwide
  • LaSalle network of 60 universities which includes some 1 500 institutes located in 82 countries
  • 210 partner universities worldwide in order to develop student exchanges, joint academic and research projects.