Geo3En ended – What next?

Geo3En ended – What next?

The Geo3En Key Action 2 strategic partnership project ended on August 30th, 2022.

Geo3En’s aimed to contribute in making Europe the leader in geothermal energy education and geothermal energy applications by harnessing the quality of existing programmes to create a multi-site European MSc of Excellence in Geothermal Engineering.

Geo3En also aimed to share knowledge and expertise of its consortium partners to provide their students with the required competencies and skill sets in line with the needs of industry and research organization.

Its final objective was to design an international multi-site MSc of excellence in geothermal energy (taught in English) providing students with skills in geology, materials science, mechanical engineering, energy systems management, modelling, energy economics, but also project management, entrepreneurship and cross-cultural awareness, in order to successfully lead and design complex geothermal energy projects.

Strong links exist between the academic partners involved and industry. These connections permit students to grow their professional network which in turn greatly facilitates their employment perspective.

All Geo3En project results are available here.

The Geo3En is now working on the submission of an Erasmus Mundus Master Degree proposal on the basis of the Geo3En Master Programme.