Welcome to the Geo3En
Geo3En aimed at designing an
Training Programme in
Geothermal Engineering.
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Discover our works Geo3En's
project results
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About Geo3En

Geo3En was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project in Geothermal Engineering


Four European Higher Education Institutions worked together for the project

Associated partners

20 associated partners from industry and research in the field of geothermal energy in Europe

Welcome to


Geo3En was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project organized by a consortium of four institutions.

The Geothermal Energy European Education Network (Geo3En) was mandated by 20 associated partners from industry and research in the field of geothermal energy in Europe to remedy the lack of qualified junior graduates which master all elements of the geothermal energy value chain.

Higher Education Institutions
European Countries
Associated Partners
Common Goal

Geo3En News

Geo3En ended – What next?

This week saw RU host the last Geo3En’s physical ISP

End of RU’s online training activity

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