Stakeholder Consultation – Croatia

Stakeholder Consultation – Croatia

The Geothermal Energy European Education Network (Geo3En) is a 30-months Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project. It aims to build a two-year Master programme in Geothermal Energy.

Geo3En objective results from the need to remedy to the lack of qualified Junior Engineers with expertise in all the aspects of geothermal energy chain value.

The University of Zagreb-FER (Croatia) organised “Geo3En Stakeholder Consultation I Croatia”, the third multiplier event of the project on February 25, 2021.

The 3-hours event took the form of a presentation and open forum on Geo3En, Geo3En’s competence matrix (IO1) and requirements questionnaire (IO4).

Participants from four different stakeholders of the geothermal sector attended the event.