Geo3En consortium is developing a single joint multi-site curriculum on Master level which will provide the necessary competences via the courses provided at and with the help of the consortium partners. 

Based on this curriculum, double-degree agreements will be drafted to implement the first multidisciplinary European Master Degree in Geothermal Engineering.


In the frame of the Geo3En curriculum, joint course material and innovative pedagogical tools are developed to ensure a smooth transition of the student through the designed curriculum.

Geo3En is creating new pedagogical tools and aims at setting up a catalogue of innovative pedagogical tools & methods to be made available to the Higher Education sector.

One pedagogical tool will be learning-by-doing such as visits of industrial demonstration sites and geological excursions, the second tool will be online courses to enable students from the different thematic backgrounds to have the same level of competencies and the third tool will be a module on entrepreneurial skills, since the sector of geothermal energy is very vast and offers numerous possibilities to create businesses.